Srsly. And stay, safe!


Srsly, people - go easy out there!

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Just do it is basically what it comes down to. Like, just send the damn email.

Friend and fellow DP editor, Julie. Words of wisdom right here.  (via sunnifer)
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On his show last night, Stephen Colbert ribbed us a little bit for our new circular logo — and how it often changes with the news each day. How would we cover a story that wasn’t circular in nature? What if the story was about SpongeBob SquarePants? Or Doritos? Or the Pentagon?

Well, Mr. Colbert: Here’s what we’d do. And stay tuned for how we’d handle the ultimate challenge: a story about SpongeBob eating Doritos at the Pentagon.

(Video of original segment: http://bit.ly/P0HTTM)

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[Barack Obama] was developing the traits of a writer: hang back, look around, absorb, remember, distill, rearrange.

Barack Obama: The Story, David Maraniss
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Okay, this is my last reblog of anything Olympics Swimmers related. This one was too good to pass up. Until Rio! 4 more years.

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At the Beijing Olympics, the morning of the preliminary heat, he got the news that his grandma had died.  He ran, but ended up doing horribly.  He cried the whole day.  He vowed that he would win a medal for her before he retired.  And today in London, he won the gold.  That picture on the ground is of himself and his grandma.


This is what makes me love the Olympics.

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Just when you think you are crying hard enough already

This is beautiful. 

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If smiling was an Olympic sport, Nathan Adrian would win all the medals.

ok Nathan Adrian, new Olympic swimmer obsession

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hate my life right now

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